Hi, I’m Rob Rutan.

    My wife, Debbie, and I started GBW Photography in 2013 with an emphasis on landscape photography. You can read about it here:https://blog.gbwphotography.com/about-gbw/

    You can see my landscape photos here: https://www.gbwphotography.com/Favorites/



    Over the last few years I’ve become more interested in family photography.  I love photographing families outdoors and while I can set up a studio and shoot indoors, I prefer the outdoors.  I love the natural lighting and the spontaneous reactions that occur.

    I became interested in photography while in the Air Force. My first camera was a Minolta 35mm. Not sure why I picked Minolta, perhaps it was on sale or something; but, I loved the camera and I learned a lot. My backyard was Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon and I spent every off duty moment backpacking and taking pictures.


    After I finished pilot training, my work demands and desire to spend time with my young family increased and I had less time to devote to photography. Yet, my interest never waned.

    I left the Air Force in 1988 and began flying for the airlines. I am now a Captain with United Airlines and fly the Boeing 757 and 767. If you’re interested, you can view my travel blog here: https://blog.gbwphotography.com/travels/


    My favorite family photos are the ones that happen spontaneously.  So, I always have one camera mounted on a tripod to ensure I capture a perfectly sharp and focused image, but I also carry a second camera just in case that perfect opportunity presents itself.